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The Sunday Times
26th November 2017

Irish Independent 27 September 2018 The Sun 25 November 2018  Womans Way  
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Irish Daily Star Newspaper
Tuesday 1st August 2017

Irish Daily Star Chic - Travel
7th October 2017

Irish Daily Mail
October 2017 article
Wednesday 15th November 2017
November 2017

Dublin Gazette Sunday Business Post image001 thesun SBPost
Dublin Gazette Newspaper
27th October 2016
Sunday Business Post Magazine
23rd October2016
Coverage in Stellar Magazine 2016 The Irish Sun - 9th October 2016 Sunday Business Post - 
2nd October 2016
MyMonaghanImage SundayTimesArticle2 SundayTimesArticle1 Ancient East 2 - 1st October 2016 Northern Standard Article - 
Thursday 11th August 2016
Sunday Times Article - 21st August 2016 Sunday Times Article - 21st August 2016
The Irsh Sun Article - 30th July 2016

Ancient East 1 NewsArticleIAE MyMonaghanArticle Camelot news
The Irish Sun Article - 30th July 2016 The Irish Daily Mail - August 2016
Northern Standard Article - 21st July 2016

Sunday Independant Article- 13th March 2016 The Scottish Sun Article 4th October 2015
Yvonne BogSnorkelling starchicp20 travel
News Great Hunger Monaghanpdf  sti081ra19
The Irish Independant Bog Snorkelling 
Review 8th September 2015
Chic Travel Review PDF The West Australian Article March 21st 2016 The Irish Sun Review 19th July 2015 Harvest Time Blues Review 15th July 2015
The Irish Times Review 13th June 2015