The Cassandra Hand Folk & Famine Centre is located in the old Round Tower School situated in the historic town of Clones, Co. Monaghan, and was built in 1859 by Cassandra Hand with proceeds from Clones Lace. Clones Lace was a famine relief initiative introduced by Cassandra after she arrived in Clones in 1847 during the worst years of the Great Famine.

With the beautiful image of Clones Round Tower visible through the classroom windows to the front, the remains of Clones Abbey on one side and the remains of a Norman Motte and Bailey on the other, the Folk and Famine Centre is centrally located as a stopping point to explore the town. An exhibition about the Famine in Clones is on permanent display and is being continually added to.

Open daily during the summer months and by appointment at other times throughout the year, the centre caters to visitors from home and abroad, and offers guided walks of the town, exhibitions, room hire, talks, music nights, school visits and so much more.