Ballyhoe Lakes
Ballyhoe 1 covers approximately 11 hectares and depths from 3.5m to 4m with the deepest area just south of centre. This lake can be weedy in summer so float methods can produce the best results. Feeder methods work well earlier in the season. Bream, tench and hybrids to specimen size can be expected. There is a driveway into the lake off the Carrickmacross / Drumconrath road at Ballyhoe crossroads and there is ample car-parking between the two lakes on the County Meath side.
Ballyhoe 2 covers an area of 16 hectares with depths to 8m. The deepest area is in the N.E. quadrant with less depth in the S.W. corner. The Lagan river that flows from Ballyhoe 2 also holds good stocks of coarse fish. This lake can also be accessed from the Carrickmacross/Drumconrath road via two lanes which are sign-posted.

Monalty Lake
Is located approximately 3.25km S.E. of Carrickmacross on the R178 Dundalk road. There are a number of swims on the eastern shoreline and parking and access are also located in this area. Some local fishermen fish from small punts moored to platforms in the lake and boat fishing can produce the best results as the mobility allows the angler to locate the feeding shoals.
The lake covers an area of 16 hectares with depths to 6m and holds good stocks of fish. Bream, hybrids and tench to specimen size are to be found in this water and it has held the Irish rudd/bream record in recent times. For this reason it is of interest to Specimen hunters and it also has attractions for anglers who like trolling for pike. Maggots, sweetcorn and bread are all effective baits. Anglers fishing in the early months of March and April and the later months of August, September and October produce best results.

Lough Na Glack
Which is also located on the R178 Dundalk road 1.75km S.E. of Carrickmacross, is a sister lake of Monalty Lake. Access is available via a driveway from the Dundalk road right along the lake shore and there is ample carparking. This water is well developed and covers approximately 12 hectares with depths to 7m located in the N.E. quadrant of the lake. Depths elsewhere in the lake range from 3m to 5m. Feeder, slider and pole methods are all effective. This venue can be weedy in summer.

Is a well-developed lake on the R178 Dundalk road on the outskirts of Carrickmacross. A spacious off-road car park is provided and there are a number of angling stands on the road side of the lake. This 5-hectare lake has a maximum depth of 2.5m and produces great tench fishing. A number of large carp have also been taken in recent times. As the lake has a very weedy bottom it is best fished by float or pole.

Corcrin Lake
Lies 3km west of Carrickmacross and is best accessed from the R179 Crossmaglen road. This fishery only covers 3 hectares approximately and has depths to 6m. It contains tench to specimen size. There are stands, stiles and footbridges and some off-road car-parking is available.

Capragh Lake
Is located on the Crossmaglen road 4.5km N.E. of Carrickmacross. This lake has a good off-road car park beside the lakeshore and there are many fishing stands around the lake. It covers an area of approximately 12 hectares and has depths ranging from 3m to 12m. The lake contains bream to specimen size. Pike anglers will also find it possible to launch a boat on this lake.

Lough Fea
Is a 36-hectare private fishery, which is, located on the Kingscourt road 3km S.W. of Carrickmacross. Day permits can be purchased at the lodge house for a nominal fee. Tench to over 6lbs have been taken on the lake and it also contains good bream. There are a small number of swims available on the northern shoreline. Boats are not permitted. Car parking is limited.

Rahans Lake
Covers an area of 30 hectares and is located 8km south of Carrickmacross. It is best accessed from the Carrickmacross to Drumconrath road located between the N2 and the R179. Depths range from 1m to 6.5m with the deepest area being the central area at the northern end of the lake. There are fishing stands in place and good car parking is available. It is also possible to launch a boat from the slipway on this lake. Specimen tench, good bream and good stocks of general fish are available on this lake.

Descart Lake
Is located on the R179 from Carrickmacross. Turn left after approximately 6kms. Proceed for another 3kms and Descart is on the left side of the road. It covers an area of 8 hectares with depths varying from .5m to 4.5m with the deepest area located in the N.E. quadrant of the lake. There are 11 stands on the S.E. shoreline and a number of swims have also been cut. Some of the shoreline on this lake is extremely soft. Good off-road car-parking is available.

Derry Lough
Lies 9km south of Carrickmacross and is best accessed from the Carrickmacross to Drumconrath road located between the N2 and the R179. The lake covers 1 hectare and has depths to 4.5m and contains tench and bream to specimen size. Fishing stands have been erected to assist access to the water. Car parking is limited.

Reillys Lake
Is a 1-hectare lake located on the N2 approximately 3km S.E. of Carrickmacross. It is on the roadside and stiles and walkways facilitate access. A double fishing stand is in place and bank fishing is also available along the road. Reillys contains rudd to specimen size. Parking is very limited along a busy and dangerous road.

Clonturk (Duffy’s) Lake
Is located directly off the Ardee/Carrickmacross road. There is limited car parking available along the road but parking is prohibited in the laneway. There are stands on the lake and it is a very good tench fishery with good general stocks of coarse fish.

The Lisnashannagh Lakes
Are located S.E. of Carrickmacross, off the N2 Carickmacross to Ardee road. Lisnashannagh Lower covers approximately 2 hectares with depths to 5m and holds stocks of bream, tench and rudd to specimen size. It also contains carp. There are a number of swims cut on the northern and southern shorelines. Access is by means of two laneways at either end of the lake or from the road. Parking is limited. The margins of the lake are extremely soft and anglers should ensure that they fish from a solid bank. Some stands are provided to facilitate anglers.
Lisnashannagh Upper is a much smaller water and covers .75 hectares. Stands are also available on this lake.

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Carrickmacross is the centre of a network of premier coarse angling waters which produce excellent catches annually.

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