Edergole or ‘Eadar Gabhal’ – a place between two forks (of a stream) is located south-west of Rockcorry on an elevated ridge, from which many ringforts atop surrounding drumlins can be viewed. Edergole Court Tomb, known locally as the Giant’s Grave is partly incorporated into a roadside fence. Almost 8 metres long, two jambs are surmounted by a lintel to provide access to the gallery. In the past this was an important centre for the Neolithic community acting as both a communal burial tomb and ritual site. The rituals performed are long since forgotten but the stones remain to stand as testament to Ireland’s earliest farmers. One of the largest stones bounding the road has been inscribed with a cross, an attempt perhaps to Christianise the monument at some time in the more recent past.

Look out for
An ancient burial ground is located at the sharp bend in the road just before the Court tomb site. It is well worth a visit, containing many unusual discoid headstones with folk art in the unique South Ulster style dating from 1724. Look out for the skull and cross-bones motifs on the back face of the stones. It is likely that the burial ground was at one time the site of a monastery or church going back to early Christian times.

The tomb is situated off the R188, 3 km west of Rockcorry on the Rockcorry to Cootehill road. Take a right turn off R188, 3km from Rockcorry onto minor road. Continue for 2km, then take a sharp left. Edergole Court Tomb is 0.5km on this road, close to farmhouse and buildings.