The Monaghan Blackwater
Rises near the Bragan mountains and flows in a south-easterly direction through Monaghan town. Angling is controlled by the Monaghan Anglers Association who regularly stock the river. There are good stocks of wild and stocked brown trout as well as an increasing number of Dollaghan which are a strain of trout unique to Lough Neagh and which migrate into this river to spawn.

They are extremely fast growing and provide excellent sport. Dollaghan are not a free rising fish and the angler should employ similar methods to sea trout fishing including fly patterns. The best time to fish for Dollaghan is after sunset, right through to the early hours.

All legitimate methods are allowed but the association encourages and supports a policy of catch and release. Some of the more popular angling areas are upstream and downstream of Milltown & Rathconnell Bridges and the Silver Stream area close to the confluence with the Ulster Blackwater.

Lough More
Located on the Monaghan Tyrone border, some 15km north-west of Monaghan town by the R186 by Tydavnet or alternatively 8km west of the A2 to Aughnacloy at Emyvale. The lake covers approximately 30 hectares and contains a good stock of wild brown trout including the Ferox trout. The Lough More Anglers Association controls fishing on this water and day permits are available.

The season is from May 1st to September 30th but the season is different in Northern Ireland. Anglers should check with the Fisheries Conservancy Board to ascertain the opening and closing dates relevant to Northern Ireland.

Fishing is by fly only and sedges and midges play an important part in the trout’s diet. Fishing from the bank is possible but the use of a boat proves most effective. Access and car parking facilities are good. Boats are available for hire locally.

Useful Contacts
The Fisheries Conservancy Board, 1 Mahon Road, Portadown, N.I.
Tel: +44 28 383334666

Boat Hire
Sean Treanor, Glenmore, Carrickroe, Co Monaghan
Tel: (047) 87212

The Bragan Lakes
Located in the Bragan mountains on the Monaghan-Tyrone border about 8km north of Scotstown. These small lakes which include Loughs Meenish, Aportan and Antrawer contain small brown trout and are fished from the bank. Lough Bradan is stocked with brown trout by the Lough More Anglers and a permit is required. Access is difficult and the lakes can only be reached on foot.

Emy Lough
Is a pleasant lowland lake, with some wooded margins, lying just 1.6km east of Emyvale on the N2 Monaghan-Aughnacloy Road. This lake of 60 hectares is a State Fishery, managed by Emy & District Anglers and day permits and season permits are available. There is a good stock of brown trout and a limited stock of wild trout available and the lake annually produces a good number of trout in the region of 3-5lbs each year. The season runs from March 1st to September 30th.

Fishing is by fly only, by rowing boat or from the shore and must be consistent with the rules and regulations currently in force. The lake generally gets a good hatch of mayfly and some duckfly, midges and olives. Dryfly, wetfly and nymph methods can all be effective and trolling a train of wet flies behind the boat can produce results.

Fish can be found around the remnants of the ancient Crannog at the southern end of the lough. The access is excellent with a walkway all around the lake shore and there is plenty of car parking available. Private boats are not permitted on the lake but can be hired. Check locally.

Permits and Boat Hire
Paul Gormley, 'Gormley's Shop', North Main Street, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan
Tel: (047) 87573