The River Finn
Enters the Erne 9km south west of Clones and the maze of interconnected lakes that make up the Erne system are only a short drive away. The River Finn is recognised as an excellent coarse fishery with good quality bream and roach. Pike in excess of 20lbs are recorded annually. Access is possible at a number of locations as detailed below:
Annie's Bridge is 4.5km out of town with access from the Clones/Scotshouse road. There are deep sluggish reaches with clean banks and this section of the river is a popular match section with capacity for 50 anglers. Car parking is available at the bridge and along the road that runs parallel to the river.
Ballyhoe Bridge is the next bridge downstream from Annie's Bridge and has some good pools. However, it is not easily accessible and so is rarely fished.
Gortnacarrow Bridge is the next bridge downstream from Ballyhoe on the N54 Cavan road, approximately 6.5km from Clones. It has clean banks and deep holes with a good head of fish including good bream and big pike. In this area the river widens into two fishable ‘loughs’, Garrow and Sarah.

Horseshoe (Kilroosky) Lake
Is located 1.5km to the north of Clones at Lisnaroe. This 4 hectare lake is bisected by the border with access on the southern side. There is limited lay-by parking along the narrow road but care must be taken not to block gateways. Known locally at the ‘Tench Lake’ with tench to 4lbs, it also contains large perch, rudd, bream, roach and hybrids and stocks of small to medium pike. Two double stands have recently been erected at the lake.

Summerhill Lake
Is smaller than its neighbour at 2 hectares and is 1km past Horseshoe Lake. It is also bisected by the border with fishing from two new double stands on the north west shore. The lake contains stocks of bream (to 10lbs), rudd, perch, roach and hybrids as well as small to medium pike. Access is over style with a short walk to the stands. Parking is available along the roadside but take care not to block drive ways.

Burdautien Lake
Is also part of the Kilroosky cluster and is located just to the north of Kilroosky. It has recently been developed and now benefits from the provision of two double angling stands. A small but productive lake good for rudd and roach, but also present are bream, perch, hybrids and small pike.

Dummy’s Lake
Is the fourth lake in the Kilroosky cluster and lies to the west of Kilroosky Lake. Two double angling stands have also been erected on the south shore here recently. Access is over s style with a short walk across the field. Limited lay-by parking is available. Bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, perch and small pike are present.

Tirnahinch Lake
Is a 2 hectare water which is 2.5km north of Clones on the Carraghveetra road. Two new double stands with easy access have recently been installed. Contains very good stocks of bream, roach and hybrids with rudd and perch also present. Small to medium pike can also be expected. Limited parking on a narrow road.

Gortnawinney Lake
Is 5 hectares and is one of the bigger waters in the area. It is located 3km to the north east of Clones off the Roslea road on the left hand side. The lake is suitable for anglers with restricted mobility, with waterside parking and a floating platform adapted for use by wheelchair users. It is a rich water where bream of above average size are present along with roach, rudd, perch and hybrids. Pike to double figures are also present.

Munilly (Cloncallig) Lake
Is situated off the Clones/Scotshouse road. Access is across fields with fishing from the shore. There is limited car parking.

Drum Lough
Is located nearby the quaint village of Drum. It has recently been developed providing new angling stands in including one with wheelchair access. The lake contains rudd, roach, hybrids, perch and pike.

Drumate Lake
Is located 4km from Newbliss. A good 11 hectare fishery with 10-12 match pegs, depths not exceeding 4m, shoreside parking and an ideal venue for juniors. Bream to 8lbs and Roach. A production venue with bream to 8lbs and roach, also present perch, hybrids, rudd and pike.

Drumlona Lough
Part of the Dromore River catchment and very productive venue for tench fishing. Access is via a long narrow road with a steep walk down to the shore from the car park. A shallow but productive lake with good quality catches of bream, roach and hybrid; perch and pike also present. A good match fishing location with up to 20 pegs dependent on water levels.

Annaghmakerrig Lake
A 3 hectare lake situated 3.5km north west of Newbliss in a superb scenic forest setting. Parking directly behind the swims is available along a private road; access can be obtained by contacting the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. A good venue match venue with up to 25 swims available. Good stocks of bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, perch and pike.

Drumsnat Lake
Is located 12km east of Clones just off the N54 Clones/Monaghan road and 2km from the village of Smithborough. This 2 hectare water is on the course of the old Ulster Canal and has roadside car parking and shoreline fishing. Contains sizeable beam and tench along with roach and hybrids. Pike to double figures are also present.

Hollywood Lake
Is an 11 hectare water which is located near Scotstown village, approximately 14km north east of Clones. Access is via the well developed amenity area where there is good car parking. Fishing is from stands and from some clear shoreline at the amenity area. This water is almost unique in the Erne system as roach are not present. Species are rudd and perch and this rich water with luxuriant weed growth is unexplored and may have pike well into double figures. Boats may be launched at the southern end of the lake.

Annagose Lough
One of the larger but least fished lakes in the area. It is a 17 hectare water located 8km east of Clones and 3km north east of the village of Newbliss. The banks are open and the lake is fishable around most of its perimeter. Limited parking and long walks but worthwhile venue for Pike in double figures. Also present are roach, rudd, bream, hybrids and perch.
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Additional Information

Located beside the River Finn and its myriad of lakes, Clones in north west Monaghan is the ideal starting point for the coarse angler looking for a variety of smaller, more secluded waters. Many of the waters here are lightly fished or some hardly at all and may provide pleasant surprises. The fishery comprises of the River Finn and many small lakes, none in excess of 20 hectares.
Clones provides a variety of good small lakes with angling stands developed for the pleasure angler. There are also a number of lightly fished smaller waters many yet undiscovered and ideal for those with a small portable boat or float tube. The maze of interconnected lakes that make up the Erne system are close by and the Dromore system offers some quality match fishing locations. Species present are predominantly bream, roach and hybrids with tench, rudd perch and pike.

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