Constructed of tin, St. Peter’s Tin Church, Laragh is one of a kind in Co. Monaghan and unique on the island of Ireland for its quirky design and carefully considered features. St. Peter’s of historic Laragh Village is literally built on a rock, in a beautiful woodland setting amongst the ferns and ivy. It is anecdotally said that its Swiss-Gothic hybrid style was applied by the mill owner and his wife following their honeymoon in Switzerland – its site carefully chosen to mimic that found in the Swiss Alps. St. Peter’s Tin Church, Laragh was deconsecrated in the 1950s, was restored by the local community and proudly re-opened in 2014. It is a very popular venue for intimate music recitals, lunchtime dramas, wedding photography, trad sessions, vintage displays, touring choral group performances, harvest banquets, etc. Aside from scheduled events, the Tin Church attracts a steady flow of visitors to this very rural area in Co. Monaghan

The Tin Church is open to the public and free to visit 7 days a week from 10am-6pm (including Bank Holidays)